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Icom IC-F29SR2 pmr446 licence free two way radio

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The IC-F29SR2 is a license free analogue two way radio from Icom. Although lightweight and compact, the IC-F29SR2 is extremely durable. Built to IP67 standards, this radio has a full ingress protection against dust whilst also being fully submergible up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. A 21 hour operation time can be expected of the supplied battery, alongside it also being waterproof.

This radio has just three controls, a transmit button, volume control and a 16-position rotary channel selector. The simple interface makes it a great option for fast paced environments, or shift work whereby the radio is constantly changing hands. A low battery alert sounds should the IC-F29SR2 be low on life, also hosting a group call function.

Easy to hear in a noisy environment, the IC-F29SR2 has a large 36mm speaker in order to provide 800mW audio to the operator. A built in inversion voice scrambler is present, whilst also having a time-out-timer and monitor function.

Previously the IC-F29SR2 first variation only had 8 usable channels due to OFCOM regulations. With a further 8 license free channels being allowcated this calls for a new model of the radio, the IC-FC29SR2 can now make use of 16 channels allowing for expanded communication potential between a team.

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