Icom IC-A16E airband radio

Icom IC-A16E airband radio
Icom IC-A16E airband radio
Icom IC-A16E airband radio

• VHF airband radio
• 1500mW loud audio provides clear communication
• Output power: 6W (PEP), 1.8W (carrier)
• 8.33kHz / 25kHz dual channel spacing
• Full keypad
• Easy to use while flying
• 200 programmable memory channels, 10 memory banks
• Side tone function, ANL Auto Noise Limiter, built-in VOX function
• Confirms with IP67/54 dust an• Up to 12-15 hours of operating time with the supplied 1570mAh Li-ion battery pack due to the highly efficient circuitry. (Tx: 5%; Rx:5%; Stand by:90%)
• Simple one-handed operation is the most essential feature of the IC-A16E Bluetooth/A16E no bluetooth series. The well labeled, large keypad provides user friendly operation. The large display shows both letters and numbers and is easy to see, making for fast frequency recognition. The display is backlit, and so is the keypad. The light stays on until you turn it off – a very handy feature for flying at night.
• An easy to read a 6-character 14-segment alphanumeric LCD displays a variety of information clearly. Both the display and keypad are backlit, which is a very useful feature for use at night time.
• The new channel recall function automatically memorizes the last 10 used channels. You can easily recall those channels by pushing the recall buttons on the front panel. This makes it very convenient for switching between several channels at a time, such as NAV channels and COM channels.
• The full keypad type allows you to input the channel or frequency directly. A dedicated red emergency key programmed with a 121.5MHz homing frequency is equipped to give you extra confidence in the event of an emergency.
• A total of 200 memory channels can be named with a 6-character channel name for easy recognition. For fast and simple operation, these channels can be grouped into 10 memory banks
• 6W typ. (PEP), 1.8W typ. (CW) output power
• ANL (Auto Noise Limiter) for noise reduction
• The side tone function allows you to hear your own voice via a headset. By monitoring your own voice, this function eliminates unnecessary shouting on a noisy runway. Side tone level is adjustable from the radio. * Optional OPC-499 headset adapter cable and third party aviation headset are required.
• Low battery indication and beep alert
• BNC type antenna connector
• Equivalent to MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, and F requirements
• The headset connection works only with aviation headset!d water resistant protection

• Equivalent to MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, and F requirements
• LCD and key backlight for night time operation
• BNC type antenna connector

2 years
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